Theresa May – goes for broke, having broken everything else

14th February 2019 / United Kingdom
Theresa May - goes for broke, having broken everything else

As politicians go – Theresa May has proven to be one of a crop of the worst for Britain in generations. She will only end up being known for her historic failures in everything attempted – including her utterly poisonous and toxic years at the Home Office. Now she has just one throw of the dice as she gambles with Britains future using blackmail as her weapon of choice.


May’s hostile environment turned out to be the more public face of Tory institutional racism, that went from Stephen Lawrence to the Windrush scandal, the latter exposing the government at its very worst. The architect of this institutional racism was … Theresa May.

As if to reinforce this form of racism, Theresa May’s own office as Prime Minister says it all. Recent reports have exposed the profoundly shocking fact that in 2016, May’s first year as prime minister, not a single one of the 339 black Caribbean applicants to the government’s civil service fast stream scheme – which identifies and trains up the next generation of senior civil servants – was successful. Not one. If any organisation had 100 per cent of 339 applicants of colour refused employment, it would be accused and prosecuted for racism.


Her dramatic failure in reducing migrant numbers is legendary. Tens of thousands was the target – hundreds of thousands the result. Even then, the result was that May imposed a series of punitive policies that put political appearance above human compassion. May simply didn’t know what to do – and what she did was just more racism.

May has also proven to be the staunchest opponent of human rights legislation. Even the Magna Carta was explicitly designed to protect certain rights of the King’s subjects and restricted the power of the King of England – something May has sought to overturn with illegal mass surveillance and covert intrusion into the private lives of all British citizens.

The drip-drip destruction of civil liberty in Britain should shame any nation fit for the 21st century. In the Home Office, she sought to ban free speech, enact disruption orders to non-violent protestors, brought in the Snoopers Charter, now going through parliament in the form of the Investigatory Powers Act.

May denounced the Human Rights Act and demanded Britain’s withdrawal from the European convention on human rights – a major theme of her Tory party conference speeches while she was home secretary. With Brexit, those wishes will soon come true.

Much has been written, too, about the consequences of her decisions on the police and emergency service budget cuts. As for the police, it was reported just yesterday of her legacy – the extinction of the British style of policing as we know it. A survey for the Police Federation, which represents rank and file officers in England and Wales, suggested almost 90% of respondents believed there were not enough of them to manage demand, while 76% of officers in front line roles were “often or always” working alone.

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It also found that of the 18,000 who took part, almost every officer had been exposed to at least one “traumatic experience” in their career, with 62% saying they had experienced at least one in the last 12 months.

“Forces are having their hands forced as they struggle to meet the increased demands placed on them, but this false economy of single crewing merely creates the illusion of public safety” – the Federation report said, which also ended with: “since 2010, cuts meant that there were 22,000 fewer officers and that the once-revered British model of policing is currently on its knees and facing extinction.

Extinction, no less. You know what’s coming next. Tasers first – then guns. Police leaders have already been discussing frontline constables carrying guns amid concerns it would take too long for fully trained armed officers to reach them because there aren’t enough of them in the first place. As soon as that happens, all manner of criminals will carry guns.

Murders and knife crimes have soared in England and Wales as police detection rates hit record lows. Not the fault of the police of course. A public health emergency has been declared as violent crime gets out of control. But that’s OK as long as GCHQ know what porn sites you’ve looked at in your spare time.

The Prime Minister’s hubris is plunging the country into chaos and with a record like hers, it’s of no surprise. Her ‘one nation’ ideas of reformation sank moments after she spoke to the nation for the first time as PM on the steps of Downing Street. Everything this politician has turned her hands to is now broken.

The last crowning moment of Theresa May’s failure is now but days away. One last throw of the dice beckons as she gambles with Britain’s future.

Her latest Brexit plan of desperation is to delay until the last moment. MP’s will be presented with a stark choice between her non-stop failed proposal or a long delay to Brexit. The political fallout would be disastrous. This would then expose those same parliamentarians who would then forever go down in history for causing the final collapse of the United Kingdom by voting against her – and they know it. By any other word, it’s blackmail. But it’s not democracy. Other than that, she has no plan.

That’s it.

We may or may not crash out of the European Union because Theresa May is as clueless as the advisors she chooses who have unanimously been proven to be consistent about thing and one thing only – how to get it so wrong.





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