Theresa May launches 'Fusion Doctrine' – A new era of dictatorial power

30th March 2018 / Contributor News, United Kingdom
Theresa May launches 'Fusion Doctrine' - A new era of dictatorial power

By TruePublica: In May 2015 David Cameron made a speech that was a warning shot of what was to come. “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone. It’s often meant we have stood neutral between different values. And that’s helped foster a narrative of extremism and grievance. This Government will conclusively turn the page on this failed approach.” The Independent noted at the time that as far as the government was concerned, Britain should not leave people to lead their own lives.
At the time, Theresa May was Home Secretary who had already introduced some of the most authoritarian laws Britain had ever witnessed. From banning legitimate protest to the use of secret courts, from the Investigatory Powers Act to the construction of the West’s most intrusive surveillance state – in history. The greatest skill sets of our current PM has been the suppression of free-speech, degrading of hard-won civil liberties and the slow destruction of human rights built up over the generations.
Since arriving at No10, Theresa May has been engulfed in crisis after crisis with much more to come.
But now, she has got her mojo back. After the highly dubious Skripal nerve gas incident, May has revealed her hand through right-wing mouthpiece, The Telegraph.
These are just some of the terms and phrases being rolled out in what can only be best described as the most dictatorial regime being imposed upon British citizens ever.
“The Prime Minister has instructed the intelligence services to use social media to disrupt misinformation as she promised to use “every capability at our disposal” to defeat the new threat facing Britain.
Mrs May revealed a major new effort to ensure every Government agency and department views national security as their priority, rather than just police and security services.
The plan, dubbed the Fusion Doctrine, aims to tackle the evolving threats posed by cyber warfare and so-called fake news
Security experts said the UK’s soft-power capabilities and ability to counter propaganda online will form part of the new front line. 
 “… and every department, including the Environment Agency and HMRC must play a role.
“… including by “suffocating” hashtags on Twitter
“… ensuring Ofcom shuts down media organisations which do not meet high British standards and funding units to counter fake news are all part of the plan, sources said.”
“… and countering misinformation will be an important weapon in the armoury.”

First, one has to say that this doctrine is exactly that. It is a stated principle of government policy. This is what the citizens of Britain can now expect. The surveillance state has just announced it has no limits. There will be no debate with our elected representatives because that’s what doctrine’s are.


In April last year, TruePublica outlined how Theresa May was to transform the country in an article entitled “Britain To Become A One Party, Authoritarian Surveillance State.” We reported, amongst others that Theresa May “had scarily authoritarian, anti-democratic and anti-free speech views.”
Brexit has confounded her ability to reach these goals, but the Skripal case has refuelled these ambitions where civil liberties and human rights are considered little more than an inconvenience.
Step out of line and you can expect one of many government departments to react. It is bad enough that local authorities can fine you for feeding pigeons, that the BBC can hunt you down for non-payment of their licence fee using laws designed to apprehend terrorists – but having a dissenting voice or non-conformist attitudes and now the government is coming for you.
Independent news sources will be censored as the Internet will be. Platforms that democratises free speech and new ideas will be stopped from operating. Anything that the government does not like the sound of will be categorised as misinformation, fake news, or a threat and ‘dealt with.’
Who exactly will determine what organisations do not meet these so-called British high standards? And what are those unpublished standards? What is misinformation in the eyes of a government under siege by its own comrades?
Authoritarianism is defined thus: “the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.” This is the new era for the citizens of Britain. Even the mainstream media agreed that personal freedom was under attack a few years until they were recently brought to heel.
The Telegraph – Britain’s surveillance society ‘beyond Orwell’s worst fears’
The Guardian – Britain rated worst in Europe for protecting privacy

And despite being described by Edward Snowden as “the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy,” Snowden also pointed out that Britain “goes farther than many autocracies”. 


As of 2013, the UK already had one surveillance camera for every 11 people in the country and was confirmed as the most physically surveilled nation in the world.
Britain now has the dubious title of being the world’s leading surveillance state in terms of scope and capability but now we are entering a completely new era. This will be one depicted by a full-blown dystopian posture at home and the lapdog mouthpiece of American aggression abroad.
After 20 months in office, Theresa May has finally had her two best weeks – falsely accusing a sovereign state of an attack against Britain without providing any real solid evidence and using that as cover to impose further restrictions on her own citizens.
Is this the best Britain can do?

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