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26th May 2020 / United Kingdom
TruePublica Website

By Rob Woodward – TruePublica: On publishing the story – “Dominic Cummings – a cover story obscuring something far darker,” on Sunday, the website was offline from late afternoon until the unprecedented press conference yesterday was over. In that time, we recorded over 30,000 ‘malicious attacks’ and received 1,200 bits of spam. Whatever was going on was coordinated and deliberate. On Sunday we had 70,000 visitors to the website before it went offline and although this is a spike, the website has easily coped with 150,000 visitors in one day.

On Sunday, we send out a weekly newsletter to our subscribers and many were unable to reach the website generating many emails asking if there was a problem. We have answered every single email sent to us in this regard.

In today’s world TruePublica, with just 350,000 readers, consuming some half a million pages a month – is small fry, so why we attract such a malicious and professional response from whoever is beyond me. However, we do know that TruePublica is on the mailing list of nearly a dozen people in parliament, and of many notable individuals in the mainstream media and commentariat. Perhaps we are the focus of someone’s annoyance given that some of our articles have been cited as the source of some discussions in the heart of both government and its opposition.

We make no apology for our position with regard to this government – without doubt the most deceitful, rotten and corrupt government Britain has had to endure since the start of the last century. It is of little surprise that just six months into the premiership of Boris Johnson, Britain finds itself in a multitude of crises, not just a pandemic.

I have spoken with our main backer, who says that sadly, the TruePublica project, although much more successful than anticipated, will come to an end quite soon. We have stopped taking any more public donations. This is because both he and I have other projects we need to focus on. The Covid crisis has played some role in this. As it turns out, two others who are important to the TP project are also moving on.

TruePublica did more than just publish on the website. It campaigned against Brexit by providing statistical information and evidence with close contact to some political figures. It worked alongside MEP’s and promoted Britain’s interest within the EU project and of course, it has worked with non-profits to push back against our losses of civil liberty and human rights.

In June this year, TruePublica will have published over 5,000 articles over a period of five years.

Part of the reason why our main source of funding is leaving is because there is now a firm belief that Brexit is now inevitable and that Britain will be irretrievably led down the wrong path. The other is that, on balance, the general public voted for it not once, but three times. Even if they were deceived – this is an inalienable fact – it is time to face the music sooner or later. In a post Covid world, Brexit could even be an opportunity, but the reality is that we have people in power who are incapable of doing what is in the national interest and very capable of doing what is in their own interest. It’s a sad realisation to feel you have lost the battle.

I’ll give another update when we know more and decisions have been made about TruePublica.


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