TruePublica wins IMA ‘political reporting’ of the year award

26th March 2022 / United Kingdom
TruePublica wins IMA 'political reporting' award of the year

TruePublica: We are very pleased to announce that the editor of TruePublica has won the Independent Media Association award for political reporting of the year.

The Independent Media Association operates as a cooperative, dedicated to promoting the work of independent media in the UK that supports news organisations that are run in the public interest. Its aim is to support these financially independent sources of information.

Like TruePublica, the IMA is is not beholden to the vested interests of the powerful, whether that be the government, corporate advertisers or billionaire owners.

Part of the reason for this win is not only for its spot-on reporting of the political environment in Britain, but that TruePublica has had an impressive run of forecasts.

In October 2015, we predicted that Brexit would surprise everyone because working people felt the system had let them down, so they wanted to kick the system itself. (LINK)

In 2016, just before the referendum, we predicted a 53/47 per cent win for Brexit, which was very much against the news trend, commentators and pollsters. We argued heavily against Brexit but felt the markets were misreading public sentiment as to the use of austerity and the Tories ability to exploit it. (LINK)

In 2017 we predicted a storm of chaos would be the result of two things. The first was that Corbyn would emphatically lose and that it would split the Labour party – and second, the Tories would spin out of control. We warned, there was no going back. Huge damage had been done to society at large and division would rule. This was, of course, well before the pandemic had arrived. (LINK)

On the eve of the 2017 general election, TruePublica predicted Theresa May would not do well, that she would be eventually be ousted (because of Brexit) and that there was a serious prospect that Boris Johnson would likely be the front-runner (amongst two others). We also predicted a period of political chaos would follow. (LINK)

In 2020, we said that Boris Johnson would use the pandemic to attack democracy, which he, aided by right-wing factions within the Tory have done and continue to do. (LINK)

In the same year, we also said that the judiciary would be bombarded by the government – and it has been. (LINK)

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And we said that Brexit would be used as a vehicle for an internal power-grab – and it is astonishing just how much they have got away with so far. (LINK)

Needless to say, TruePublica predicted several years ago that this government would attack press freedom and this week The Times along with other mainstream outlets have confirmed just that in an alarming escalation of anti-journalistic freedoms we used to enjoy. (LINK)

Our 2021 predictions guide (written November/December 2020 obviously) forecasted the geopolitics of vaccines, that half of the bounce-back loans would never be repaid, that economic damage being done by Brexit will start to emerge and that China and specifically Russia relations would dangerously deteriorate. We also predicted no roaring 20s (as the media were forecasting) and a final sting in the tail – a recession late in 2022. (LINK)

We hope you continue to read and support TruePublica – because unlike some people we could mention, we really are making the right calls.




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