Why It’s Over For The Nasty Party

24th June 2022 / United Kingdom
Why It's Over For The Nasty Party

By TruePublica Editor: The phrase ‘going to the dogs’ originated in the 1500s. It was about bad or stale food that was not thought to be suitable for human consumption and was subsequently thrown to the dogs. The expression caught on and expanded to include any person that came to a bad end, was ruined, or looked terrible. For modern-day Fido, being given some scraps, a pat on the head and chucked out the back door in the middle of winter – makes him happy. Fido still has fairly low expectations. But for us humans, we’ve got used to liking decent food and a heating system. It’s a problem having taste buds and no fur. This is where we are as a country right now – going to the dogs. There simply isn’t any good news for the nasty party is there?

As if the avalanche of bad news that has emanated from Drowning Street every month this and last year – the month of June seems determined to keep up.

It was only two weeks that an investigation found influential right-wing UK think tanks with close access to ministers had received millions in ‘dark money’ donations from the US intent on usurping British democracy and our way of life.

We’ve also only just found out that the Policing Bill – an awful piece of legislation that will take away all manner of our basic rights in Britain, was, in fact, dreamt up in America and then funded by American oil giants and foisted upon us by the moronic lunatics that walk the corridors of power. These two events are likely linked – but either way, it’s a foreign state intervening in British democracy – invited in by our own government who are so corrupt and incompetent as to not be able to invent these things themselves.

Not happy with that, they’ve gone full-on anti-rational and have just announced their plans to gut the UK General Data Protection Regulation and are proposing to bonfire your rights and remove the protections the law affords to your private life, vulnerabilities, and aspirations.

But Fido now has more rights than you do. Unlike us humans in the UK, where human rights are being deconstructed through a populist agenda – Fido gets a boost from protection against the lawlessness of puppy traffickers – because that’s popular with voters. The Animal Welfare Bill is not just about puppies and livestock though, it also bans keeping primates. Soon, it’ll be illegal to cage or traffic an ape or monkey whilst being perfectly lawful to cage and traffic humans to the very same country where the primates are most populous – Rwanda!

It is now quite evident that there’s an inflation-linked appetite for national strikes. The RMT is one thing. But now even barristers are on strike. Soon, it’ll be nurses, doctors, pilots, teachers and more. The long drip-drip effect of neoliberal capitalism – a system that has seen corporate profits soar at the cost of those making them in the first place is coming home to roost.

Brexit is a disaster. We all know it. Even those who voted for it know it deep down. What could have been an opportunity has been wasted – as have the relationships within the EU that could have been made to work. Exports to the EU for small businesses have collapsed. The cost of living crisis is made worse by Brexit. Everyone is complaining about it from business leaders to bus drivers. Immigration of professionally qualified workers from the EU has collapsed – but immigration from Africa and Asia has shot up to the highest ever recorded. Hardly a Brexit benefit is it.

Boris Johnson isn’t just suffering from the scandal of partygate. Or all the other scandals that keep turning up – like this week’s accusations that he tried to put his lover into a senior government role (a story that has shamed the MSM). It’s not just that he was responsible for nearly 500 Tory counsellors losing their positions or that Wakefield fell or even that Tiverton and Honiton fell in the biggest by-election loss in history. No, it’s the fact that no Tory held seat is now safe anywhere in the country and Tory MP’s know it.

Johnson, like any populist leader, will attempt to shrug it off but he can’t. Next year, there is another set of local elections – and there are many more councils up for election than there were this year. It is no forecast to say that the Tories will get trounced because the mood of the nation has turned against Johnson and his fawning acolytes. By then, the real signs of a failing economy and government mismanagement will be all around us.

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The winter will be a real test. Putin will turn the energy screws on Europe. Spiralling costs will escalate. Wait until a litre of unleaded costs £2.50, food staples have doubled and there are strikes everywhere.  There will be more poverty, more homelessness – and more tactical handouts by an equally unpopular chancellor.

Oliver Dowden, Tory party chair has resigned – not because they lost two by-elections but because by sticking to the toxicity of Johnson, his political career is over. Dowden is part of the 2015 crew that used Brexit to lever its way into power. He’s known for his aggressive attack-dog communications tactics – and not even he can stomach Johnson anymore. He can see what’s coming.

The Tories are finished. Over 70 per cent of Tory backbenchers voted to oust him just a month ago. Over 40 per cent of the entire Tory party wants him gone. Today, those figures have only gone one way.

What this means is that the Tory party is now completely ungovernable. It means that the country is facing a new crisis – a government unable to react to anything other than break electoral principles in an attempt to usurp democratic ones. And even if they tried to turn a page and actually govern – they’ve antagonised the civil service by threatening thousands with the sack. They have everything to gain from a new government in office and simply need to grind whatever wheels were turning to a halt.

This is what the nasty party has done to Britain. The economy will be in worse shape than any western country by next year. Global Britain will be diminished even further. The divisiveness will be worse. The country has ‘gone to the dogs.’ It’ll take a generation and some adults in the room for Britain to work its way back from this mess.



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