More Evidence of Turkey Aiding ISIS

13th January 2016 / Global

By Stephen Lendman – Evidence keeps mounting on how Turkey directly aids ISIS, complicit with Washington, other NATO countries and regional partners.

Foreign support lets terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq and Libya thrive. Without it they’d become a spent force, unable to operate effectively on their own – what media scoundrels never explain, perpetuating the myth of US war on ISIS.

On January 10, London’s Guardian headlined “Isis ‘ran sophisticated immigration operation” on Turkey-Syria border,” saying:

Documents seized by Kurdish forces dated December 2014 – March 2015 have ISIS “department of immigration” and “department of transport” stamps.

They show its fighters freely moved back and forth through Turkish and Syrian border areas. Seven manifests contain names, dates of birth and other ID information of 70 people, including men, women and infants.

The Guardian enlisted help from ISIS expert Aymenn al-Tamimi to verify the authenticity of the documents.

They “coincide with others, illustrating daily bus routes within Islamic State territory,” he said. “Though private companies provide the actual transportation, the Islamic State bureaucracy is responsible for authorizing and overseeing the routes.”

Turkey claims controlling its 566-mile border with Syria is impossible – failing to explain its complicity with ISIS at the highest regime levels.

The Guardian said the authenticated documents it obtained reveal a “formalised arrangement of passage” from Turkey to Syria and return.

“The manifests were sent to the Guardian by Syrian Kurdish forces spokesman, Redur Xelil, and bear the same stamp marks and logos as other Isis documents the newspaper has been able to verify.”

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What occurred over a documented four-month period indicates standard daily practice through other border crossing areas.

Responding to the Guardian, a Turkish regime official lied, claiming no evidence of illegal crossings. He ludicrously said security forces arrested over 200,000 individuals attempting to cross into Turkey illegally from Syria.

Turkey is one of the world’s leading human rights abusers. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu claims his government has “a moral responsibility…to accept refugees” crossing its border.

Columbia University researcher into links between Turkey and ISIS David Phillips believes Erdogan’s regime “knows the movements of all persons and can control the flow across the border if it chooses.”

“A steady stream of vehicles, individuals, weapons, financing (and) oil” transit freely cross-border because Ankara permits it.

“It’s not like people are putting on their hiking boots and crossing over rough terrain. There’s an extensive surface transport network which is highly regulated and controlled…on both sides of the border.”

Volumes of documented evidence show Turkish complicity with ISIS, the Guardian’s report the latest example.

Erdogan and top officials in his regime are involved in high crimes – complicit with Washington and other rogue partners, perpetuating endless regional wars and chaos.

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