Brexit Britain – The planned stages of social change

29th September 2019 / United Kingdom
Brexit Britain - The documented stages of social change

By TruePublica: The article below was first published March 21st this year. Now more than ever, with threats of rioting and violence erupting on the streets of Britain, do not think that this type of action will be a spontaneous reaction to the threat of Brexit being postponed once again. Rioting is being incited by the government. The disaster capitalists have a plan and the Trojan Horse of that plan is Brexit and it’s working. No government programme can be sustained without an apparatus of justification, so what is coming next, stoked by nationalistic incitement will be that justification.


Whilst the far-right gains traction and their anarchic voices get louder, behind the scenes, the dark forces that funds and promotes them are working to what documents reveal is a three-stage model of social change. What we are really witnessing through Brexit is the acceleration of a programme of economic regime change by a foreign state – invited in by a weakened political party who understood that their ideology of neoliberal capitalism was falling apart.

It is a sad fact of life today that white supremacist attacks now pose an increasing threat to such an extent, believe UK counter-terrorism chiefs, that terror warnings will now be issued alongside that of warnings issued to the public for Islamist and Ireland-related terror.

The problem is so serious in Britain that combating top-level far-right violence, once the responsibility of the police, will now be tackled by Britain’s domestic intelligence agency, MI5.

Given that this form of extremism is relatively new on the terror landscape, the statistics don’t look good at all. In 2017/18, of the 394 individuals who received support (and thousands don’t get as far as a referral) from the Channel program to counter potential violent extremism, 45% were referred for concerns related to Islamist extremism and 44% for concerns related to rightwing extremism. Almost one-third of actual terror-related incidents can now be notched up to far-right extremism.

Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, recorded five right-wing terror plots in 2017, all of which were in the UK.

In 2017-18, there were 7,318 direct referrals to the police and security services across the country, 1,312 of which related to the extreme right.

Since 2012-13, the number of extreme right-wing individuals receiving support has increased by almost 300 per cent, while the number of Islamist extremists has increased by 80 per cent.

Much of what we are seeing and hearing is being deliberately stoked up – but who are the main actors?

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There is no doubt that whilst far-right organisations existed in years gone by, they never really had any traction in the political discourse of Britain – but they do today – and their anarchic voices are only getting louder. If anything, unless there is a very serious crackdown, the rise of the far-right will be become much more serious than it is today.

Tommy Robinson, for instance, is Britain’s most financially supported political figure. He represents the face of the far-right. Once vilified for his founding of the EDL, Robinson, to his supporters, is a bomber-jacket martyr in shades.

And yet, Tommy Robinson’s funding is known not to be just about his supporters. “The poster boy of the far-right in Britain would not be so prominent if it were not for radical free-market agitators on the extreme right in America providing support for his UK activities, which is ultimately designed to stoke up social division and tension for a specific political outcome.”

And it is here where Britain needs to be on guard to what is really happening in the background. We know for a fact that political agitators such as think tanks and the far-right have had an effect (not just on Brexit) – and we know they still are. We also know they are deliberately stoking up social division and doing so with great effect.

Whilst left-wing organisations have been fighting over political correctness for years, the far-right have bagged free-speech as their own. This is where the right-wing and Brexit makes its mark. It is not just a straight fight between the left and right as many would have you believe.

Research has identified how political extremists outside of the UK have been amplifying online pro-Leave views on Brexit, all of which, feeds into the far-right narrative of today. It fits completely in every sense. Nationalism and patriotism quite often leading to racism.

We must clear though, that by no means were all British people who voted for Brexit are these things. However, the extremities of the campaigns – the hatred, the bile, is now characterised by all that.

The research feeds into other studies and results that confirm the same thing. There is a consistent push for pro-Leave, anti-Muslim rhetoric and much of it is US-related right-wing content.

It started with a Conservative party in Britain who were losing ground to Nigel Farage’s UKIP. So they evacuated the centre ground in blind panic without giving a thought to the consequences and it led them into a dark hole. They are still there.

There is an extreme right-wing ideology espoused by what is called Vienna School. Astonishingly it has the support of several senior members of the European parliamentary group chaired by Britain’s Conservative Party. Award-winning journalist Dr Nafeez Ahmed writes in depth about this in his article entitled – “The Conservative Party is incubating the racism behind New Zealand terror.” At first glance, the headline is sensationalist but the content of the article has a depressing and familiar ring about it and I would urge everyone to read it – it’s an eye-opener to the uninitiated.

“For years, the Conservative Party has knowingly courted and partnered with far-right political parties in Europe. Many of them have direct ties with the Vienna school ideology that continues to inspire far-right terrorist attacks such as the New Zealand mosque massacre. The Conservative Party chairs the European Conservatives and Reformists Group in the European Parliament. Two long-standing members of the Conservative’s European parliamentary group are convicted racists with affinities toward the Vienna school.”

Islamaphobia is the heart of this cancerous ideology. It cites the Islamic army conquests in Spain in the 7th century and the later Muslim invasion, which was first stopped at Vienna’s gates in 1683. It also brings in overt racism and even espouses Nazism.

Dr Ahmed’s article also shows that the Conservative Party continues to court far-right groups in Europe who openly hate both migrants and Muslims. “They are a mix of ‘neo-Nazi, neo-fascist, racist and ultra-nationalistic groups’, including a former member of the Nazi Waffen-SS.

Britain’s Conservative party have even encouraged far-right voices from Europe and given them a stage to denounce  “globalism” and “multiculturalism” and of “Merkel, Macron, Soros” who want to “rip off Europe’s soul” by opening the doors to the “migratory invasion.” Like other far-right parties, some of these organisations want to shut down mosques, build walls, and deport immigrants en masse.

Anders Breivik the Norwegian mass murderer and Brenton Tarrant’s killing spree in New Zealand are ardent supporters of this toxic and dangerous form of thinking promoted by this Vienna School ideology.

It is difficult to accept that a British political party, one that essentially represents ‘the establishment‘ would or even could descend to this level so quickly.


America’s lapdog

The Conservative party are also dangerously aligned with America. America doesn’t have friends. It is a nation that has sycophants like Britain or the frightened as their allies. It will do anything, at any cost, to get an economic advantage and Britain is a serious target with Brexit being its facilitator.

On Wednesday 20th March, America’s extreme right-wing Conservative National Security Advisor, John Bolton – told Sky News that America is “ready to go” with a US-UK trade deal. Negotiators left the table last week and have agreed on the deal but are not formally allowed to announce it. It will inevitably be a terrible deal for Britain. This is in the backdrop of a Brexit that is politically failing in every aspect imaginable. The USA is now piling on the pressure, using not just political, but diplomatic and corporate pressures and the tools of social division to get what it wants – a hard Brexit.



As if that effort was not great enough – the American push is also funded by ‘dark-money.’

George Monbiot writes – “Dark money is among the greatest current threats to democracy. It means money spent below the public radar, that seeks to change political outcomes. It enables very rich people and corporations to influence politics without showing their hands.”

American billionaires developed what they call a three-stage model of social change (READ THE DOCUMENT HERE): “Universities would produce “the intellectual raw materials”. Think tanks would transform them into “a more practical or useable form”. Then “citizen activist” groups would “press for the implementation of policy change.”

All three have grown in ever greater intensity in Britain in the last few years. The link that gives it meaning is Brexit.

Just last week, the US leaders of a scandal-hit American student movement were touring the UK, following the launch of a British branch of the organisation last month. Their very existence in Britain comes from the expectation of a deregulated post-Brexit Britain.

Advocating climate science denial, “free markets and limited government”, and with numerous links to the fossil fuel industry and Donald TrumpTurning Point claims to have a presence on more than 1,300 college campuses and high schools, engaging in “over 500,000 face-to-face conversations with college students each semester.” The scandal-hit group has been plagued by incidents of racism and allegations of illegal campaign spending since its launch.”

And today, it was revealed that an American anti-LGBT ‘hate group’ with close ties to the Trump administration has spent more than £410,000 in the UK, which opposes abortion rights, same-sex marriage equality and has publicly opposed ‘buffer zones’ around British abortion clinics. It actively supports calls for “freedom of conscience” provisions to enable medical staff to independently object to providing legal abortion services.

This list of interventions into the British way of life by American extremism is much longer than you might imagine and it is here to stay.


There are numerous reports today of front charities and so-called think-tanks not just breaking the law, which they are, but actively funding propaganda and disinformation campaigns on a range of right-wing free-market ideologies whose funding is publicly unknown. Investigations show time and time again – it is American corporations and billionaires at the heart of the problem.

They spend huge sums of money defending figures on the hard right or far right: Katie HopkinsNigel FarageAlex Jones, the Democratic Football Lads’ Alliance, Tommy Robinson, Toby Young, Arron Banks, Brett Kavanaugh, Viktor Orban. They are portrayed as victims of “McCarthyites” trying to suppress free speech. It demands the hardest of possible Brexits, insisting that “No Deal is nothing to fear.”

They have even recently opened offices in London for ‘oppositional research‘ – a euphemism for appaling and guttural American attack-dog style politics. Its offices are inhabited only by Conservative party members. It brings the very worst of American political tactics you can imagine to our shores.


Social Change

The structure of social change, that we are experiencing – the underhand exploitation of universities, overt corruption within think tanks/charities and the funding of ‘activists’, is being brought to Britain by American billionaires. To quote a passage from their own documents:

"Many of the arguments advanced for and against investing at the various levels are valid. Each type of 
institute at each stage has its strengths and weaknesses. But more importantly, we see that institutions 
at all stages are crucial to success. While they may compete with one another for funding and often 
belittle each other’s roles, we view them as complementary institutions, each critical for social 


In 2008, two years before David Cameron came to power, a cable published by WikiLeaks, shows then shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague telling the US embassy that – We want a pro-American regime. We need it.” [i] The US official noted: “Hague said whoever enters 10 Downing Street as Prime Minister soon learns of the essential nature of the relationship with America”. Hague also said that he and Tory leader David Cameron were “children of Thatcher and staunch Atlanticists”. It was clear back then, what this meant and where Britain was heading. The green light had been given. [ii] 

And so a path was set in motion.

"the Structure of Social Change model helps us to understand the distinct roles of universities, 
think tanks, and activist groups in the transformation of ideas into action"


This is what British people need to be worried about the most. The Brexit genie was let out of its bottle first by a failed political ideology of the Conservatives, then by paid economists and academics who wrote for the secretive think tanks who fashioned the policies that have now morphed into activism, that has translated into violence.

The structure of social change, that three model system is something we have all read about in some way. For instance, here is the first sentence of a recent article in the Guardian – and it says it all. “Muslim leaders from around the world have accused the mainstream media, politicians and academics of contributing to the conditions fuelling terrorist violence against their communities.”

That letter was penned by 350 leading Islamic figures from around the world, which links the actions of the NZ shooter, the 28-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant, to an atmosphere of “systemic and institutionalised Islamophobia”.

In the meantime, those on the hard-right and far-right have been conned, they are merely a vehicle of travelling fools, the diversionary tactics of those with real power.


It is right to say Britain is being invaded – but not by Islamists. It should not be forgotten that 94.8 per cent of people who live in Britain are not Muslim. What we are really witnessing through Brexit is the acceleration of a programme of economic regime change by a foreign state – invited in by a weakened political party who understood that their ideology of neoliberal capitalism was falling apart and that they were (and still are) inches from ruin.


One does not need to look far to see that ruin manifested into social harms – best described as a crisis of daily life for the just about managing or left-behinds. Its damning effects are everywhere in housing, health, education, law enforcement, poverty – the list goes on.

Thomas Piketty’s seminal book ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ states that “no government programme could be sustained without an apparatus of justification.” The architecture of this deceit as Piketty asserts is that without the think tanks, corporate lobbyists, propaganda, false ‘expert’ reports and spin doctors, change programmes such as Brexit would be politically unattainable.

The con, the really big con, was exploiting these social harms caused by an evidently failed ideology, manipulating the discontent then blaming a minority to effect political change.




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